Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hardware that makes life Harder

I am currently blogging due to the limited choice of games on my pc. To begin with let me state the configuration of my pc.

Memory: 256mb (Don't mistake this with hard disk space, the pc is not a relic. Many people ask this question more of this later.)
Processing speed: 1.8 Ghz (I don't know what the processor is and I don't intend to find out )
Video Memory: On board GeForce 6100 GPU 64mb (May be the only respectable stat)

A bad mouse with no scroll (the mouse is optical ) and a so so keyborad.

The following are the most probable reactions to my pc's config

My Dad : This is a kick ass configuration what more do you need to write programs. Back in our days we used to have pcs with 4gb hard disk space, Now you youngsters want 4gb ram.

My Mom: She doesn't know much about pcs but she thinks the bigger monitor better the pc (so does my dad at times, I forgot to mention this dump of a pc has a 17 inch monitor and it is the costliest part in the pc).

My Brother: How does it matter my bro sits infornt of it most of the time.

Praveen (cousin) : Dude there is a game called zelda classic it is a very old game (actually one of those very first rpg's) it is very good. It will probably run on your pc with out any glitches.

A very good suggestion except for the fact that this guy owns a pc with the following config.

Memory: 2gb in a dual configuration 1G in each slot
Processor : Intel core 2 extreme processor
Video Memory: 256 mb 8800 GT * 2 in a dual configuration

His mouse sucks though one consolation.

He plays games like witcher in full graphic settings (He also plays zelda and online flash games on that pc, It hurts your eyes to see such blasphemy. What is more agonizing is he rates zelda above witcher, oblivion and crysis etc), In contrast my pc can't even play high resolution video trailer of these games.

Bhaskara (one of my friends) : When you decide to upgrade your pc give me the 256 mb ram.( Cannot blame him though what more does a guy need to watch video on his pc or play fantasy football on his browser.)

Rahul (one of my friends) : Suffer muhahhaaha.

Shamanth ("" that is supposed to be a ditto or assume so from here on) : Does WOW (World Of Warcraft) work on it . If it does nothin else should matter.(I dont have enough money to buy a wow account too .... more of this later).

Shashank ("") : I told you to burn your pc at bhogi festival last year, So you still have it atleast do it this time.

Samba ("") : It is better than mine in fact do you want exchange it with my pc Zelda classic works well on my pc as well.

We will end the reactions of people with that. Now lets move on to the reactions and probable reaction to my suggestion of upgrading the pc.

My Dad : How much will it cost?. Will Rs. 2000 suffice although it is a bit much I will take it into consideration. ( what am i to do with 2000 bucks suggestions people).

My Mom: Will the pc turn off any faster? It is taking a awful lot of time to turn off, I have to wait like 5 min for the pc to shutdown. (I taught her how to turn of the pc recently, without much success though).

My Brother: How does it matter my bro sits in front of the pc all the time. (Cant blame him though)

Now to the most interesting and non fictitious part. Since my father's upgrade budget is a little low. I approached my mom ( Although my mom's technical knowledge is limited she is very generous at times with donations to upgrade my pc ) she agreed and offered to give my brother 12000 bucks if he gets 300+ in BITSAT examination. Remember I don't get the money he does. So it is time I start sharing my pc time with him and hope he gets a 300+ in BITSAT. May the God be gracious and let the test be easy :D .


harithski said...

Do us readers a little favour, can you ? Please change the template. May the gods grace be with you :))

Anonymous said...

hey jokes apart!! if you happen to go for upgrade and think of selling that old hardware, do contact me ... i would love to add that to my collection of pcs ... just drop me an email.

Shiben Bhattacharjee said...
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Shiben Bhattacharjee said...

Actually its not that bad PC at all. the only thing the pc doesnt hav is the ram, for which all u need is 1k rupees.

On that PC, sure u cant play witcher, assassin's creed or oblivion, but u can play all the games before july 2004. The max ur PC will be able 2 do are HL2, Doom3, Farcry, COD2 etc. Quite possibly u can try running FEAR and Prey as well, I m sure they will run too (with medium settings though). U can play hrs of all GTA games (GTA3, GTAVC, GTASA). In new games, u can play HL2 episodes easily and possibly COD4 too (lowest settings of cors).

And seriously, tell praveen that games like Zelda classic and all don't even need a 500MHz processor.

And I truly do not believe u, when u say that u cant play the videos of these games on ur system. that is something u made up. I play HD movies on my 1.6Ghz, nvidia 2MX, and 256mb ram (beat these)..... guess what... I enjoy them.

in any case....

12K rupees is a good amount, use it wisely! :)

Lazy Bones said...

@shiben bhattacharjee

Most of wht u said is true :D
And really don't know wether my pc can play HD movies or not, yes it is made up I will chk my facts before i blog next :P

For the rest I have played all the games u listed ... may be GTA SA is the only one i have to look at

I am looking forward to play games like Never winter nights 2 , Dark messiah , Gothic 3 , Two worlds etc

Secondly can u suggest a good way i can spend the 12000 rupees intend go for a processor, ram and Gfx card

Shiben Bhattacharjee said...

Oh man, I am so sorry, I was thinking later that of cors u were exaggerating, rofl ;)

its fun to do it yeah :D

That 12k u shud spend to buy 2GB ram, that is 2000, a core 2 duo processor (or an amd equivalent,, like 4400 X2 etc.), with the rest u should be able to buy a 8600GTS (or a more powerful AMD card, I dont know their prices but they are much cheaper than nvidia ones). That will b a good PC :). Actually best wud b if u can buy a 8800GT but thats around 14K rupees :(

Ok wait, one more thing, does ur motherboard support PCI Express 16x (the slot where gfx card goes)? and what is the power supply? if these are not met, it can be a problem :(

Note than I am trying 2 see if u can buy the best gaming PC to play all games on full settings :D

chandu said...

did you upgrade your system

then you send it to my e mail